What to look for in a product manager

we get asked a lot - to define the qualities or attributes of the best product managers. let us know what you think of our thoughts!

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Kane Avery Tarigo

15th July 2020 11:03:00

• You are curious – You have a natural born curiosity and are eager to learn and understand. You always ask ‘Why?’. • You have great people skills – You can influence and inspire through your passion, drive and credibility. People want to work with you. • You make things happen – You are a doer as well as a thinker. You solve problems. ‘Proactive’ defines you because you want to a difference • You’re disciplined – You are structured in your approach and utilise processes and tools effectively to get the job done consistently. • You’re a thought leader - You are able to distil complex information down into an insightful and compelling narrative. You use insight and evidence to make recommendations. • You get your message across – You are clear, concise, and credible in your communication, being able to deliver a message in a few words with complete clarity What would add to the list? What do you think adds value to a product manager?

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