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How do you use Product Roadmaps? Often we find that these tools get used in on instance for a product - We'd Like to discuss three types of roadmaps you should be using!

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Kane Avery Tarigo

15th July 2020 11:03:00

Product Managers are often requested to build out a roadmap. Our first response should be ‘Which roadmap?’. We identify three roadmaps: 1. The Visionary Roadmap – A broad brush view of where your products need to go over the next 5/10 years based on market mega trends. It sets the direction of travel. 2. The Product Roadmap – It takes the vision and breaks it down into tangible customer deliveries . It defines how value will be delivered and identifies the major landmarks on our journey to our vision 3. The Technical Roadmap – It adds detail. It describes how we get to each major landmark identified in the Product Roadmap, the people involved, etc. It tells us how we’ll make our journey to vision. All three clearly link together. We start with the Visionary Roadmap. Without it, our product direction cannot be set. Do you use different types of roadmaps or just the one? There are often pain points when discussing roadmaps, let us know how you manage your roadmap(s)!

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