How do you deal with new ideas?

what process do you use for sifting through new ideas and getting rid of all that noise? How do new ideas come around? lets talk ideation!

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Kane Avery Tarigo

15th July 2020 11:03:00

“We have loads of news ideas!” Sounds like a great place to be, but for many Product Managers the stress of managing those ideas is formidable – ideas from sales teams “I can sell 100% more if you add these features” to managers “We need this new product to dominate market X”, to technical teams “We can build AI capability to enhance our product”, etc…. When the next person walks up to your desk with another great idea, pull out the innovation canvas (you’ll find this to download on PMC). Fifteen minutes of effort, ten questions long, helps you understand what is worth taking further and what should be dropped. So, we use the innovation canvas to say no quickly and cut through the noise. Have any of you used our innovation canvas in your workflow or do you use alternative methods to validate initial ideas. Let us know how you deal with new ideas!

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