Common PM Traps

Lets discuss the common problems you face a Product Manager and some insights from what we see across the board as well!

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Kane Avery Tarigo

15th July 2020 11:03:00

Don’t fall into the trap of spending all your time in back to back meetings. Product Managers need time to think of future trends in their markets, new regulation, changes in customer behaviour etc. They must develop a clear vision of where they want to take their product based on trends and market changes. If not, the product becomes directionless. If we spend all our time making tactical changes that in aggregate mean nothing, eventually our product will become irrelevant. Think about what happened with HMV and blockbuster. My advice? Diarise strategic thinking – many of us get hit with firefighting – being strict on your time allocation can help greatly! What traps do you find yourself trapped in? – we all experience a lot of firefighting, where do you feel like you lose valuable time?

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