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Product Management Central uses a clearly definer product management process to organise and define all of what we do!

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Kane Avery Tarigo

15th July 2020 11:03:00

At Tarigo & Product Management Central, we have developed the 5D process, this is a process that takes you through the full circle of a products life, moving from ideation and validation through to retirement and replacement. We split the actions and skill across 5 phases: Direct Discover Define Deliver Drive These are self-explanatory but to expand a little on this here is a brief breakdown, you can sign up to PMC to find out more and delve into the content of each phase in greater depth. Direct – Set out your vision and goal, some soft skills come into play, but we are focused on market research and scoping first opportunities Discover – Ideation and validation is key, say no quickly and move towards building great propositions Define – dive into the detail of your idea and build your full product Deliver – messaging, communicating and getting your product to market. Drive – Drive your product with marginal gains and iterative updates, but make sure you know when its time to retire and/or replace! Let us know about your product management process!

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